PBP Part 1 – Overnight Express

19:30, 16 Aug – Saint-Quentin en Yvellines, 0km

By the time Peter and I lined up at the start a couple of my plans had already gone astray in minor ways. Despite a comfy hotel room, I had lain awake for the afternoon unable to sleep. And misjudging what would be open on a Sunday in a Parisian suburb had killed off my idea of starting with a baguette or two in my bag. Continue reading “PBP Part 1 – Overnight Express”

PBP – Epilogue

I forget which one of the Cape Randonneurs described the meal provided at the Arrivée as worthy of army canteen rations but the description was completely accurate. The chicken was bland and the pasta limp, but I ate it all the same. My body needed the fuel and I couldn’t be bothered to go out in the rain searching for something more palatable. Continue reading “PBP – Epilogue”