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Really pleased to announce publication of the first Just Keep Pedalling book. “Mungral” recounts the adventures myself and Theunis Estherhuizen had on Munga 2018, together with extensive tips for those inspired to see if they have what it takes themselves.

Kindle and paperback editions are available. Be careful to select the Amazon store your Kindle is registered with – usually Amazon UK or Amazon US. It isn’t easy (or even possible) to transfer a Kindle book to a different regional store.

For South Africans, a special print run has been commissioned to ensure readers can enjoy the authentic experience of a proper book, printed and bound locally in Cape Town. Orders can be placed here.

… I did not ‘read’ the book, I listened to you talking to me. I hear T’s voice, felt the aches and pain as you cycled the Munga, tasted the dust, laughed and cried with you … reading this book will make any cyclist think of doing the Munga …


Just a note to say that I have received your book and have already read it in full. It was a fabulous and nostalgic trip down memory lane for me and should be prescribed reading for any prospective entrant to the Munga. I am pretty sure it will turn out to be just that. Thank you not only for taking the time to write it, but also doing it in such an authentic and unpretentious way – I loved it.


” … Thanks for a humorous and very instructive manual for friendship and mutual suffering …”


“The book is great, especially the portion on gear and what to pack. Hopefully I’ll be able to apply it in the Munga this year.”


Cracking read for anyone into cycling. This is an ideal book for anyone considering riding the Munga or in fact any ultra-long distance cycling event for the first time. It is also beautifully descriptive of the people and places encountered on this 1000km trek across the middle of South Africa in the height of summer

Simes (Amazon reviewer)

What a fantastic little read! The first half is a beautifully-descriptive, informative, unassuming and awe-inspiring chronological narrative of Rob’s successful Munga attempt, whilst the second half is an invaluable reference guide to anyone attempting the same (or similar) long-distance offroad bicycle epic.

Waltus (Amazon reviewer)

The author’s description of his ride though the most desolate parts of South Africa, take you there. You feel the highs and lows, emotions, the exhaustion, and perhaps, most vividly, the joy of reaching the next rest stop. You get a sense of the natural beauty as well as the desolation.

T W (Amazon reviewer)

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