Learning to Fry

First Audax of the year, 23 January 2016

After a heat induced DNF on the 300km back in December, I was more than a little nervous despite the shorter distance of 200km and the early start time. The forecast was still for scorching temperatures by the time we’d be finished in early afternoon. And it was hot, hotter than hell by the end – OK, that’s something of an exaggeration, but at 44 degrees Celsius it was way way above my comfort zone. But, too my surprise, I didn’t just survive it, I actually enjoyed it. The slightest of cooling breezes could well have been the difference, or the good company of eight riding friends (although to be honest, I rode with great friends on the 300km too and still faltered). It’s way too early to make any claims that I’ve really learned to ride in the heat – so for now, I’ll just notch this one up as a successful result to counteract last year’s unsuccessful one. Baby steps, it’s all a learning curve.

Teamwork in the heat

My full ride report can be found on the Audax SA site. More on riding goals (or lack of them!) for 2016 in my next post.

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